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Pampered Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Best and Healthiest Way

Pet Sitting is the best and healthiest way to have your pets looked after when you travel. When going out of town your pets stay in the comfort of their own home. Offered for cats, birds, most domestic animals, and dogs.Pet Sitter with Conure bird

Pet Sitting Caregiver

When you are away, whether for a day or two weeks, is your pet’s caregiver highly skilled, responsible, and dependable? 

If not we may be a better option. We’ve been providingPet Sitting LaMonte Sedalia Are highly skilled, reliable, and responsible pet care for 27 years.  Most importantly we are a trusted source because, in the Warrensburg area, our Pet Sitters have been with us 18-22 years. Our Service area is  Warrensburg, Knob Noster, Centerview, and nearby areas.  We are now serving select areas in Pettis County including LaMonte. Learn Roots Warrensburg Area Pet Sitters

Expanded Service Area Cats Small Animal Pets

In the Kansas City area looking for an experienced, reliable, and responsible pet sitter?  Cats at Home Pet Sitting has highly skilled, reliable, dependable Pet Sitters specializing in pet sitting cats and small animal pets.

Pet Sitting Services When You are away for

  • Vacations

  • Business trips

  • Day Trips

  • Events

  • Medical Treatments

  • Emergencies

In-home pet sitting is great for long day trips or vacations. We provide potty breaks, feeding, fresh water, and plenty of love and attention.

 Cat Care Services

cat red background-signs cat loves youCats need attention too! Our cat care services can offer specific loving attention to your cats and kittens while you are away giving you the peace of mind that your cat is happy and comfortable.

As animal lovers, we don’t stop at cats and dogs. We are trained to and can provide affectionate care for your rabbits, ferrets, birds, and other small and exotic animals.

pampered pet sitting

Our goal is to provide you with peace of mind and security knowing your pets are in loving, dependable hands while you are away.  Our Pet Sitters spoil your pets with care, love, and attention second only to you. CONTACT US TODAY

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  1. Hi there! I currently live in Warrensburg/ Sedalia area and I am active duty military. I am looking around for a part time care taker or board for my dog as I plan to take a flight attendant job in august. I would need a board about 18 days a month. I was curious if you have a special or monthly rate for something like this? Please let me know.

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