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5 Cat Eating Habits

5 Cat Eating Habits You Need to Know

People’s love for a cat is a never-ending tale, enhancing with every passing day. People have kept many different kinds of cats in their homes. Most cats eat based on the combination of inherited and learned components. Cats inherit eating habits by seeing what their moms eat and what they ate as a baby.

I got to know about the habits or unusual habits when IBlack White Cat Eating visited my friend’s home last summer. He had a puppy, and he told me about some of its eating habits. I also observed some of them myself, and my dear friend enhanced the rest of my knowledge.

With the help of this article, we want to pass that knowledge on to you, so here are five cat eating habits that you don’t know about.

1.     Cat  Gorging  FoodCat eating fast

Gorging is when your pet eats all the meal within no time. When talking about a cat, there can be several contributing factors.

  • How and when are you feeding your cat?
  • How many meals are you giving to your cat?
  • Are you feeding your cat alone?
  • Are you feeding your cat warm food?

These all are decisive factors for whether your cat is a gorger. Ask yourself the questions we listed above, and you will get to know. Cats usually eat fast when other cats are around as they feel insecure about the other cats. When your cat eats too fast, it can get hiccups, similar to how a puppy hiccups when it consumes food too quickly.

If you find upon inspecting that your cat is a gorger, we’ll tell you a few ideas that’ll help you get rid of the gorging behavior of your cat. You can try feeding your cat several times a day instead of just two meals a day. There are also dishes available in the market that will slow down the process of eating and hence reduce gorging.

2. Eating Plants and Playing with Food Orange Tabby Cat eating plant

If you have a cat, you would be aware of this habit, but we’re here to assist you if you’re not. Eating greenery and plants is pretty common among cats. The difference is that wild cats eat it to aid in digestion while tamed cats chew it to make a mess.

You may have noticed that your cat always moves the food tray along the floor. A cat loves to play around with its food.

There is nothing much you can do about this habit. The only step you can take on your end is to make sure that the food tray is not kept on a counter or a place that is higher than the ground. This can stop the food tray from falling over and creating a mess when your cat moves it.

3.     Cat Eating in IsolationCat eating alone

Cats usually feel insecure when there are other cats around them which is why they prefer to eat alone. In some cases, cats get so intimidated that they only eat when there is no one around, or else they refuse to eat.

Cats come under the radar of predators; however, they are not at the top of the food chain. One thing they always have in mind is that a larger predator can tug them off. It’s also due to this reason that cats like to eat alone, in a place where they feel calm and comfortable.

Moreover, extremist cats refuse to eat even when the water tap is on. You can get the idea that cats like calmness while eating. To make your cat relaxed, you can give extra time to your cat. A special bond between you and your cat will help you reduce its stress factor and encourage independent eating as a cat owner.

4.     Cat Refuse to EatCat not eating

This habit appears when you change your cat’s diet. Cats like consistency and prefer to eat the same food again and again. Any changes in their diets, make them stressed and feel less safe; hence why they stop eating. This issue is more evident when you have a cat who is of middle age.

However, if you have not made any changes in your cat’s diet and still your cat refuses to eat, then it is a sign of worry. As soon as you notice this problem, visit a vet, and get your cat checked.

The cause can be a simple toothache or maybe a serious illness. An example of a serious illness for your cat is the fatty liver, which can be caused by not eating for a good number of days.

5.     Hunting Part of Eating

Hunting is the first and the most basic instinct of a cat. Whether your cat is a wild cat or a domestic one, it likes to hunt. If your cat loves to roam outside, brace yourself for the dead or alive insects you might find outside your house.

It does not matter how much food you give your cat; it can’t stop hunting as it’s a part of their nature. If your cat catches something when it’s full, it won’t kill it, but stash it somewhere to come back for later when your cat is hungry.

However, hunting can be harmful to your cat as this habit exposes your cat to various parasites when it consumes an insect or anything it catches. To save yourself from this problem, be with your cat as much as possible. It will help you keep an eye on your cat and stop it from consuming anything bad for its health. This will also give you an excuse to strengthen your bond with your cat.

Conclusion – Cat Eating Habits that You Need to Know About

You need to know your cat’s every habit as a cat owner. Being aware will allow you to care for your cat a lot better than you previously did without knowing its habits.

If you have any more questions, we’re more than happy to assist you. Let us know about your feedback in the comments. Thank you so much for your time and consideration.



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