Cat inside holiday decorations.

6 Ways Celebrate Holidays with Cats

Cats inside Holiday stockings

On average, domesticated cats live up to 12 years. If you’re a super caring cat parent (and a bit lucky), your cat can live up to 18-20 years. Given the sad truth, you have quite a very limited time with your fur pal. We encourage you to make the best of this limited time by celebrating your special moments with them. In this post, we’ve shared how you can do so.  Below, you will find six effective ways through which you can include your cat in holiday celebrations just as much as the rest of your family. Let’s get to it!

1. Give your cat a new toyCat Sitter playing with Orange White Cat

Cats love their playtime more than they love their human playtime. You can make it all the better for your cat by providing it with appropriate toys.  Generally, cats love five types of toys. These include

  • Wands
  • Balls
  • Stuffed toys
  • Catnip toys
  • Hiding toys

Observe your cat and notice its preferences. You can do it by giving it make-do versions of the types of toys mentioned above. For example, you can assess if your cat would like hiding toys by placing old cardboard in its access. If your cat hides in its often or likes to play with it, it’s a green signal. But if you’re cat keeps walking past it and ignoring it, it’s not a good sign. Your cat probably doesn’t approve of hiding toys. Similarly, you can use your kids’ old or spare stuffed toys to determine if your cat likes to play with them or not. If it does, bring it a stuffed toy of interest. It could be a cat, a mouse, or the shape of any other animal/thing that fascinates your cat.

When gifting the toy to your cat on the holiday, make sure you spend some time playing with the cat and its new toy as well. Show some love to both your cat and its new toy.

2. Prepare holiday homemade treatsHoliday Cat Treats

Before we dive deep into this one, know that cats can’t tell the difference between homemade treats and company-manufactured treats. They can, however, distinguish between new and old tastes. They can also form memories that link a taste to a gesture or an event. This works in the same way as we relate cakes with birthdays. Therefore, we suggest preparing homemade treats. If you prepare the same treatment on every holiday, your cat will link it with holiday memories and realize its significance. It might not be able to express it though. We recommend spending time with your cat as it enjoys the treat. Or play with your cat after the treat.

3. Give your cat a portrait 

Cats do not like to be photographed and they cannot even recognize you in the pictures. But cats can recognize other cats (perhaps, even themselves?) Owing to this, we recommend giving a cat portrait to your cat. It’s also a great idea to hang the portrait in the family room or on a wall where you display the rest of your family pictures. It makes the cats feel as if they’re truly a part of the family and it also nurtures a sense of ownership within them. Plus, when the bitter time arrives and you have to say goodbye to your pal, you’ll still have a reminder with yourself.

4. Decorate for holidays cat’s spaceCat Santa Hat Holiday Travel

Another way to celebrate the holiday with your cat is to decorate their space. You can do so by changing the theme of the room or adding some holiday décor. It may not help your cat connect with you on a deeper level, but it will give the cat an idea about the special occasion. Ensure that you take off the décor when the holiday’s over.

5. Spend time with your cat

We’ve suggested spending time with your cat in almost every suggestion in this list. But we’ll still mention it separately for two reasons:

  • It’s most important and that cannot be stressed enough.
  • It’s a bit different than the rest.

How is this suggestion different from the rest? Well, here spending time has a slightly different meaning. We’re suggesting that you leave everything and spend 30-60 minutes sitting by your cat. Indulge in whatever activity your cat wants. Be it cuddling in your lap, petting, or playing with its favorite toy.

6. Create holiday memories with pictures

Cat Sitter cOrange White Cat in lap

Lastly, don’t forget to do the obvious when celebrating holidays with your cat, i.e., clicking pictures. It will give you and your cat some everlasting frames to cherish.

Final Thoughts

Before signing off, there’s another important truth you need to know: similar to dogs, cats get lonely, especially if they’ve become attached to you. They might not show it, but that’s the truth. So, never fall for your cat’s tough play, and celebrate as best as you can!



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