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8 Reasons Why Your Cat Follows You

8 Reasons Why Your Cat FollowsYou All Over the House

Is your cat your shadow? Does it follow you everywhere, from your bedroom to the kitchen? Evento curl up when you are resting? Sometimes there is no difference between your cat and a Velcro baby. You may wonder if this is what you signed up for when you adopted your cats for sale. And it may also make you wonder why your cat is behaving like this. Well, there are a few reasons why your cat might be following you around like crazy, and the reasons are mentioned below.  Reasons why your cat is following you around. 

They are curious.Scottish Fold Cat light grey stripped

Cats are fun and curious creatures by nature. They find your movement interesting, and the simplest reason why they are following you is that they are captivated by your moves and are curious to see what you are up to.

Your cat is seeking attention. 

Most cats love their independence, but when you get cats for sale, they will make a bone with you. They will also miss you when you are not around. Cats love comfort, affection, and play. So, they find comfort in following you around and are also looking for playtime, companionship and even petting. Other than following you around, if they seek attention, they will:

  • Make a noise like yellowing or purring.
  • They are extremely clingy and will make physical contact like the cat jumping on your lap.
  • Ensure you take some time to play with your cat or use toys to keep the pet busy when you are preoccupied.

The cat trusts and loves you.Lady holding posh pet cat

  • Often cats form social bonds with people, and when they do, they want to spend a lot of time with that person. If a cat trusts a person more than anyone else, they will follow them around like crazy. Breeds like Siamese, Persian, Ragdoll, Bengal, Maine Coon, and Burmese are more into following their owners around. 

     Your cat is ill.Cat Disabled held by Vet Tech

  • If the cat is sick or not feeling well, they will follow you around. If they have a particular condition like hyperthyroidism, then they will become more attention-seeking. Other health conditions that lead to the cat following you around include.
  • Changes in drinking habits or appetite
  • Grooming less or more
  • Aggression without a cause
  • Changes in their physical appearance.
  • Notice any of these signs,  with the cat following you around then it is time to get a proper diagnosis.

The cat is hungry.

  • Maybe you forgot that it is your cat’s lunchtime. Cats are creatures of habit, and they love following a routine. So, if you miss a meal or even their snack time, they will follow you around till you give them water and food.

Your cat is dealing with anxiety.

As a cat grows older, they become vulnerable and fragile. They might change how they behave, their interactions with other cats, and their owners. Some aging cats will become distant while others will follow you around like crazy. Should this happen it is because they are looking for human reassurance. However, a senior cat chasing you around the house can only cause injuries to the cat. To ensure this does not happen, spend quality time with the cat. Also, have a routine for them. Good to take them to a vet to ensure their clinginess is not due to some illness.

The cat is pregnant.

If the feline cat is pregnant, they will follow you around because they trust you and are seeking comfort. There are a few ways to know if the cats are pregnant.

  • Whether their nipples are swollen or not
  • They have swollen bellies.
  • Their appetite will change.

If you notice all these signs, ensure you take your cat for a checkup.

The cat is bored. Orange longhair cat enjoying new home

Cats sleep a lot, no doubt, but they also get bored a lot. They are intelligent and active creatures. However, without proper stimulation, they will get bored and frustrated. So, if the cat is restless, they will follow you around. Other signs the cats are bored include:

  • Chasing you to play
  • Showing signs of destructive behavior like shredding, coaching things, and scratching.
  • Showing aggression

Have a regular play session to ensure they do not get bored. 


When you adopt cats for sale, do you think you will have a shadow on your hand? No? Right? But this is the truth! Cats love to follow you around, and the reasons for this are multiple, as we read above. Most of the time, this behavior is cute, but sometimes it can become problematic, especially considering your cat’s safety. So, what can you do? Well, letting them get busy with interactive toys or play is one way to ensure they do not follow you around. 

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