Couple sleeping with dog.

Benefits Sleep With Pet

Couple sleeping with dog.

According to the CDC, over 60% of Americans have pets. Of these, roughly half sleep with their furry friends.  Cats being slightly more welcome in the bedroom than dogs. If you’re among this special sect of pet owners, you’re in good company. The Egyptian pharaoh Ramses, Alexander the Great, Queen Victoria and Peter the Great all appreciated the comfort and companionship of sleeping with their dogs.

So many of us sharing beds with our pets, researchers have begun studying the potential effects of this time-honored tradition. Furthermore,turns out, sharing a bed with your dog or cat can come with a range of wonderful benefits. From drops in anxiety to forging a stronger bond with your pet, read on for a list of benefits of sleeping with your furry friend. 

   1. Comfort

Many pet owners who sleep with their dog or cat take comfort in having a loving and loyal companion to sleep next to. This sense of kinship can be particularly important to those who don’t regularly sleep with a human partner.

   2. Companionship

Nights can feel especially lonely to individuals who live or sleep by themselves. As such, inviting a dog or cat to share your bed with you can provide a calming and reassuring presence in the wee hours. For people who suffer from night terrors or sleep disorders, pets can offer extra support when trying to catch Z’s.

Girl loving her cat-Signs Cat Loves You

    3. Security

For people, women in particular, who otherwise live and sleep alone, having a dog can offer a much-needed sense of security. With their super-sharp sense of hearing and smell, many dogs will alert their owners to anything unusual in or around the house that would normally go unnoticed by humans. Sharing a bedroom with Fido can thus provide peace of mind and a sense of protection to ward off intruders.

  1. Warmth

Because the body temperature of dogs runs nearly 6 degrees hotter than humans, they also provide warm cuddles on cold nights. Coupled with their soft fur, sleeping with your furry friend can create a cozy bedtime atmosphere. And here’s a fun fact: the phrase “three dog night” is a reference to the ancient tradition of sleeping with not just one, but three dogs on winter nights.Sleeping Curly Tan Color Poodle Dog

     5. Better Sleep Hygiene

Dogs have finely tuned internal clocks, which means they love routine. This can be a huge help if you need a little nudge when it’s time to get up in the morning, or a reminder to hit the hay at the same time each night. Maintaining a regular sleep schedule is vital to overall health and hygiene and sharing your bedroom with a dog can definitely help.

  1. Dog Walking-Professional Services in Warrensburg, Knob, Sedalia Morning Exercise                                                  If you don’t normally wake up bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, your pet will help get you going. Dogs need their morning walks and will ensure you’re up ready to go at the same time each day. Exercising regularly provides extensive health and wellness benefits, including better sleep and mental health.

While sharing a bed with your pet may result in slight losses in sleep, it’s a minor issue when compared to the many positive benefits cohabiting with your furry friend. From warmth and comfort to protection and reduced stress, it’s no wonder sleeping with pets is such a popular pastime. Remember to find out first before letting your dog or cat in bed with you they have the Right Pet Temperament.

Contributed by Christine Huegel at Mattress Advisor