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Best for young children, cats or dogs?

Pet is best for young children, cats, or dogs?

Whether you’re a cat person or a dog person, having a pet in your home is immensely beneficial to the whole family. Children and adults alike feel happier and less stressed in the company of animals, Looking after a pet is a  brilliant way to encourage children to learn the importance of responsibility. Having a furry friend to love and care for can also boost emotional intelligence in children, teaching them to empathize and love unconditionally.
Lots of us fall in love with our cats due to their affectionate nature and their hypnotizing purrs. However, dogs also naturally remain a popular choice for households across the country.
But which is best for young children, cats or dogs? While it’s largely up to how you feel inclined towards either species, let’s explore the practicalities of owning each.

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Small children’s safety is bound to be a top priority when bringing home any pet. Dogs come in many different sizes. Furthermore, some breeds can be considered more risky around children than others. If you’re an inexperienced dog owner, choosing a breed with a more docile temperament, is better. As they’ll adapt to family life more easily.

Although smaller, cats have sharp claws and teeth which can easily hurt small children. The best way to prevent any accidents is to educate your children. Teach them about how to handle and approach your new pet safely.  Ensure the cat doesn’t lash out in fear or feel trapped. Whichever you choose, you’ll also want to consider the safety of your new friend. Cats are arguably harder to keep safe, If allowed they may roam outdoors unsupervised and can sometimes get into trouble and be difficult to locate.

Dogs should always accompanied by someone when
exploring, they’re easier to keep track of.
You could opt to have an indoor-only cat. But it’s largely dependent on the individual cat breed and temperament.  As to whether they’ll be happy living exclusively indoors.

When taking your dog out and about, always keep them on a lead near roads, rivers, and livestock. Also, be sure to perfect their recall training before letting them off the lead.


To make the right choice for your family, consider your lifestyle. Dogs are very loyal, loving creatures, but they’re also fiercely attached to their families. Usually hate being left alone for long periods. On the other hand, cats tend to be more independent and flexible about how frequently they demand your affection.

If you are home a lot, either because you work remotely or work short-shift patterns, you’ll likely be able to give a dog the attention it needs to thrive. For people who spend long periods away from home, a cat may be a better choice. They 

For families who like to head out camping at the weekends May frequently set off on holidays, consider whether you’d want a dog to accompany you. There are plenty of benefits to taking your dog on adventures with you. It can be a wholesome experience for all ages.

Covid-19 Cat Care

Cats typically don’t like being removed from their home environment. So, if you need to be away best contact a Pro Pet Sitting firm. They will provide tender loving care in your home when you travel.


When it comes to the cost of keeping a cat or a dog, there are many factors to consider. Certain breeds will naturally come with a higher price tag, and it’s important to budget accordingly for food, veterinary care, any grooming costs, and ongoing treatments such as flea and tick prevention and worming. Over their lifetime, owning a cat will almost invariably end up being the cheaper option of the two. If you have young children, be sure to carefully plan and budget for the costs of any pet against the growing needs of your family.

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Picking your perfect pet

Pets of any description have an innate ability to enhance many different aspects of family life, but it’s important not to rush the process. With a well-researched decision, you’re sure to find the perfect pet to grow alongside your children.

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