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Budget-Friendly Tips for Senior Pets

Helping Senior Pets

As with humans, for senior pets the aging process isSenior Pet Dog with glasses gradual. When they reach their senior years, your pet will likely begin to display subtle physical and behavioral changes. While knowing your senior pet has reached its twilight years can be a difficult experience, it’s also a blessing that they have made it this far. If you take the appropriate steps to address the changes, you can ensure your pet continues to live its best life.

To help, from Pampered Pet Sitting, here are a few simple, budget-friendly tips for helping your senior pets stay healthy and happy throughout their senior years.

Senior Pets Need More Vet visitsWhite & Charcoal Cat Exam By lady Vet

For younger pets, going to the vet once a year is sufficient. However, when your pet becomes a senior, you’ll want to take them in for a wellness exam at least every six months. Along with setting a baseline for their health, this will help the vet catch potential health issues early on, which will make treatments more effective and help you prevent hefty medical bills.

Senior Pets Need Diet ModifiedSenior Pet Dog eating bowl on floor

Fight the urge to spoil your senior pet with processed foods as they grow older. Maintaining a healthy and balanced diet is crucial during the senior years, as fatty foods can cause inflammation and weight gain. Ask your vet for dietary recommendations that will help your pet maintain its quality of life. May include packaged food and budget-friendly treats that you can make at home.

Invest in supplies Senior Pets also like ribbon toys

Best not to indulge your senior pet too much when it comes to food. However, you can spoil them with new supplies! By shopping at retailers like Kohl’s, you can find a wealth of pet beds, collars, leashes, toys, and more for affordable prices. Also, you can increase your savings by using coupons and cashback offers.

Make modifications

Your senior pet likely has favorite spots in your house where they enjoy hanging out. However, as they age, some of these areas might be hard for them to access. For example, if you have an older cat who loves curling up on your bed, you may need to invest in some cat stairs to help them safely get on and off the bed. Or if your senior cat is struggling to reach his favorite window seat, you might want to provide better access. Good to add a perch and some stairs so he can still reach his spot.  Suggest you search “window washers in my area” to find highly rated pros who can give the window a good cleaning so your furry loved one can soak up the sunshine.

Prioritize physical activity

While it will look different, exercise is still important for senior pets. Activities such as swimming and leisurely walking can help with weight management and joint issues. Just be sure to monitor your pet during physical activity. You may need to provide them with extra encouragement to remain active, but you don’t want them to overdo it either.

Maintain groomingBrush contraol Dog Shedding

Along with vet visits, you’ll likely need to increase the frequency of your pet’s grooming sessions. Obviously, taking your pet to a professional groomer can get expensive, so learn how to perform basic grooming activities at home.

Monitor Senior Pets for changes

Since physical and behavioral changes happen so gradually with senior pets, it can be easy to miss them. Be intentional about monitoring your pet’s changes so that you can be proactive in improving their quality of life. Look out for any signs of discomfort. If you notice your pet having a hard time climbing the stairs or shifting positions, lying down all day, or limping. it likely means that they should go to the vet.

Focus on Quality of Life

While there are challenges that come with theSedalia Pet Services dog-cat together aging process, you can help your pet maintain its quality of life until the end. Keep in mind your pet will pick up on your emotions and any stress you’re feeling as a result of their aging, so make sure your environment optimizes relaxation and healthy balance. And of course, remember the budget-friendly tips above as you navigate the physical and behavioral changes of your pet’s senior years. Finally, most importantly, remember to shower your pet with more and more love. After all, that’s what they care about the most!



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