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Cat Breeds Best With Dogs?

Discover the Perfect Feline Companion: Which Cat Breeds Go Best With Dogs?

Are you a pet lover torn between the idea of bringing a cat into your dog-friendly home? Wondering if your canine companion will get along with a feline friend? 

In this article, we’ll explore the wonderful world of cat breeds that seamlessly coexist with dogs. Whether you’re a seasoned pet owner or a newbie in the world of multi-pet households, we’ve got you covered. 

Join us as we delve into the question: “Which Cat Breeds Go Best With Dogs?”

Why Consider Getting a Cat and a Dog Together

If you love cats and dogs, you might be wondering if you can have both as pets. The answer is yes, you can! However, contrary to the popular stereotype that cats and dogs are natural enemies, many cats and dogs can get along well and even become best friends. 

Furthermore, having a cat and a dog also allows you to cater to their unique nutritional needs more easily. For example, you can feed your dog the best-wet dog food to support his dental health. Also, your cat enjoys a special dry food formulated for feline urinary health. 

Accordingly, a cat and a dog together can bring many benefits to you and your pets, such as:Cat and dog in person lap

More companionship and socialization. A cat and dog can provide more opportunities for your pets to interact with each other. They can keep each other company when you are away, play together, cuddle together, and learn from each other. Consequently, this can help reduce boredom, loneliness, anxiety, and stress for both animals.

Additional exercise and stimulation. Additionally having both a cat and a dog encourages your pets to be more active and engaged. Together they can motivate each other to run, chase, wrestle, and explore. Because, this can help them burn off excess energy, maintain a healthy weight, and prevent obesity-related health problems.

Lots of fun and joy. Also, a cat and a dog can bring more laughter and happiness to your home. They can surprise you with their antics, make you smile with their affection, and entertain you with their personalities.  Also, enrich your life with their unconditional love and loyalty.

Ragdoll breed cat mostly white with brown point markings.

How to Choose the Right Cat Breed Best for Your Dog

Furthermore, not all cats and dogs are compatible with each other. Some cats may be too timid, territorial, or aggressive to live with a dog. There are dogs that may be too hyperactive, dominant, or predatory to live with a cat. Therefore, it is important to choose the right cat breed for your dog. Choose the right breed based on their temperament, activity level, and socialization.

Some factors to consider when choosing a cat breed for your dog are:

  • Cat’s personality. Some breeds are more outgoing, confident, and playful than others. These cats are more likely to get along well with dogs. Especially if they are introduced at a young age. They are also more adaptable to different situations and environments. Accordingly, examples of these cat breeds are Abyssinian, Birman, Bombay, Maine Coon, Ragdoll, and Turkish Van.
  • Cat’s size. Some cats are larger than others. These cats may be more comfortable living with dogs. Because they are less likely to feel threatened or intimidated by them. They may also be able to stand up for themselves if the dog gets too rough. Examples of these breeds are British Shorthair, Norwegian Forest Cat, Siberian, and Somali.
  • Cat’s coat. Some cat breeds have longer or thicker coats than others. These cats may require more grooming and shedding management than short-haired or hairless cats. They may also be more prone to matting or tangling if the dog likes to lick. Also, should dogs nibble on them? Some examples of these cat breeds are Himalayan, Persian, Ragamuffin, and Scottish Fold.

Big Maine Coon cat breed held by a woman.

Top Cat Breeds  Get Along  With Dogs

Based on the factors mentioned above, accordingly here are some of the best cat breeds that get along well with dogs:

Abyssinian: This cat is known for its intelligence, curiosity, and energy. Furthermore, they love to explore everything and everyone, including dogs. Abyssinians are confident and sociable cats that enjoy playing and interacting with their canine companions.

Birman: The breed is sweet, gentle, and affectionate. Birman cats are not very demanding or vocal cats. They appreciate attention and companionship from their human and animal friends. Birman are laid-back and easygoing cats that get along well with dogs of all sizes and personalities.

Bombay: The cat is sleek, elegant, and exotic-looking. However, they have a distinctive black coat and copper eyes that resemble miniature panthers. Bombay are assertive and outgoing cats that love to be involved in everything that happens in the house. They are loyal and friendly cats that bond well with dogs.

 British Shorthair: This cat is sturdy, calm, and dignified. British Shorthair cats have plush coats and round faces that give them a teddy bear-like appearance. British Shorthair are not very active or playful cats. However, they enjoy lounging around and watching over their family members. They are tolerant and easygoing cats that get along well with dogs.

Better Cat Breeds Get Along With Dogs

Japanese Bobtail: This cat breed is unique for its short bobbed tail that resembles a pom-pom. Japanese Bobtail breed has a long history in Japan where they are considered lucky charms. Are lively and playful cats that love to chase toys and fetch balls like dogs do. They are friendly and outgoing cats that get along well with dogs.

 Maine Coon: This cat breed is one of the largest domesticated cats in the world. Maine Coon have thick coats and bushy tails that help them survive in cold climates. They are affectionate and gentle cats that love to cuddle and snuggle with their human and animal friends. Are playful and adventurous cats that get along well with dogs.

Norwegian Forest Cat: This cat breed is similar to the Maine Coon but originates from Norway.  The popular breed has a dense coat and a ruff around their neck that protects them from harsh weather. They are independent and intelligent cats that can adapt to any environment. Norwegian Forest Cats are friendly and sociable cats that get along well with dogs.

Additional Cat Breeds Good With Dogs

Ragdoll: This cat breed is named for its tendency to go limp and relaxed when picked up. However, Ragdolls have silky coats and blue eyes, which give them a stunning appearance. They are docile and sweet cats that love to be around their human and animal friends. Ragdolls are laid-back and easygoing cats that get along well with dogs.

Somali: This cat breed is a long-haired version of the Abyssinian. The breed has a ticked coat and a plumed tail that gives them a fox-like look.  Furthermore, Somalis are active and curious cats who love to explore and play with their canine companions. They are confident and sociable cats that get along well with dogs.

Turkish Van: This cat breed is native to Turkey where they are known as the “swimming cats”. Turkish Van has a water-resistant coat and a love for water which is unique among cats. The breed are energetic and athletic cats that love to run, jump, and swim with their doggy friends. They are loyal and affectionate cats that get along well with dogs.


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