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How to Keep Your Dog’s Fur Under WrapsDog Shedding German Sheppard laying on grass

Fur everywhere. Seeing balls of fluff all over the house or apartment may make some fur parents want to pull their hair themselves. Residents who have allergies, asthma, or other similar respiratory issues may also take issue with all those fluffy strands.  Dog shedding can become a household problem.

Shedding is common for most dogs, although some breeds tend to shed more than others. A handful of breeds, including Shih Tzus, Basenjis, and some terriers, are considered hypoallergenic. The coats on these breeds stay intact and shed only a bit, which works if you are looking for a furry companion that requires minimal maintenance.

But even if you are caring for a breed that sheds a considerable amount, know that all is not lost. There are ways of reducing the number of furballs you need to deal with in the long run. A company offering pet food delivery services shares a few tips to minimize shedding.

Quality Food Help Dog Shedding ProblemDog eating bowl on floor

How your dog’s coat appears and feels reflects its health and the quality of food it eats. Nutritional imbalances can manifest in the form of excessive shedding.

Humans can develop hives or may start scratching their skin whenever they eat something that they are allergic to during the day. The same goes for dogs. Shedding can result from allergies or food sensitivities.

Experimentation is key to finding food that best suits your canine’s nutritional needs. But remember not to make any instant changes. Some dogs are sensitive to changes in their diet and routine — any abrupt deviations can cause them to vomit or get sick. Your dog’s normal feeding routine is part of our popular pet sitting service.

Instead, gradually integrate the new food into their meals. Mix a little of it at a time, steadily increasing the amount after a few days. It may take a while before you observe any tangible results, but this ensures a smoother transition.Dog Exam Vet Clinic

You may also want to check with your vet if you notice that your pet is losing more fur than usual. This is essential to rule out other potential causes, other than food. The vet can run tests, examine your canine, and prescribe a diet and brands to buy based on your pet’s age, breed, its normal level of activity, and other health indicators.         

Prevent Dry Skin Cause of Dog Shedding

Dry skin is a sign of dehydration. With dry skin, you can expect more fur to fall off your pet’s body. But this can be easily prevented by giving your dog ample access to fresh, clean water throughout the day.

Drinking water help dog shedding

Much like food portions, the amount of water your dog needs depend on its age, size, and level of activity, among others. One general tip is to allocate at least one ounce for every pound your dog weighs.

This means larger dogs need more water to stay hydrated. However, keep in mind that puppies tend to be more active than older ones and may require more water during their growing years.

One way to check if your hound is getting enough water is to feel the gum line carefully. Dry or sticky gums are an indication of dehydration. In such cases, consider adding several bowls in your home.

Besides clean water, there are other ways of keeping your pet hydrated. If your dog is primarily fed kibble, you can mix it or slowly transition to mainly feeding it with wet food. Another idea is to give it water-rich treats such as bananas or cucumbers, although you need to check with your vet.

Groom to control dog shedding problem           

Regular bathing and brushing your dog’s coat are recommended to keep the fur under control and away from your home and furnishings. But to make it effective, it is also worth considering the tools you use and even the frequency of your grooming efforts.

Bathing should be done only once a month, unless you have an active dog or if you allow your pup to be outdoors most of the time. Too much bathing can make the skin dry and cause scratching. The same is true whether you decide to bathe your pet yourself or take it to the groomers.

When it comes to brushes, pick one that is best suited for the breed you Brush  contraol Dog Sheddinghave. For instance, pin brushes resemble the ones humans use. This type of brush is designed for canines with curly hair, with medium to long lengths.

Slicker brushes work well for removing matting and tangles in curly-haired dogs. As the bristles are made from fine wire, care must be taken to ensure that you don’t irritate your dog or its skin.

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