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Dog Care Apps

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People considering adding a dog to their family may wish to check out Dog Care Apps.

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Prepare Introduce Dog In Home

At Pampered Pet Sitting, we recognize that every pet is different and has different needs. So even if your home is already pet-friendly, you may need to make some updates and acquisitions before you introduce a dog into your life.

If you already have a dog be sure you are aware of the specific requirements for giving them the happy home they deserve. You will need a comfy dog bed, an exercise option, and a sturdy leash.  However, you might not know about the many handy pet care apps.  They can help your canine friend thrive in their new life with you.

Benefits Dog Care Apps

Apps for pet owners can be useful for helping with your dog’s training, monitoring their fitness, and maintaining their diet and nutrition. Check out some of the top apps on the market to prepare yourself for many years of healthy, happy companionship with your dog.

Pet Care Apps Dog Training

Benefits of Dog Training

A well-trained dog tends to be a happier and healthier one. Working with a trainer or enrolling in obedience school can make a world of difference for your relationship with your dog, but for ongoing training, try a good app, such as Puppy. This app allows you to enter your dog’s information and keep track of their training. Puppy is one of several apps on the market that use the clicker-training method. It will guide you on how to use the clicker to teach your dog how to sit, stay, come, do tricks, and more.

Apps For Dog Training At Home

If you feel you need more guidance in your training sessions, however, consider an app that will connect you with a trainer, such as Good Pup.

Pet Care Apps Track Your Dog’s Fitness.

There are several options for dog owners who want to stay on top of their pet’s health. Whistle is one. Described as basically a “FitBit for dogs”, this app comes with a motion sensor and GPS, so you can keep track of your dog’s exercise.

Dog Acpp Activity Tracker

Fit Bark highly regarded activity tracker. Similarly priced to Whistle, it is smaller and less obtrusive, and it comes without a Wi-Fi option. Other apps that might be handy for managing pet health include Tractive and Pawprint.

 Apps to Monitor Dog’s Diet.

Understanding the dos and don’ts of canine nutrition can be tricky for a first-time dog owner. Whether your dog spends a lot of time indoors (with access to human foods and houseplants) or they run outside (where there’s a whole world of tempting things to chew), you need to know what is healthy for a dog to eat versus what might be toxic. Puptox is a great app for keeping track of foods, plants, and other hazards that could be dangerous for your dog to consume. You could also check out iKibble or Animal Poison by ASPCA.

Dog Care Apps Dog Eating

Remember that you need a reliable device with decent internet to support these apps and get the most out of what they offer. If your phone isn’t cutting it, look into an upgrade. Do some price comparisons and pick out a phone that’s compatible with the apps you wish to use. If you end up switching to a new service provider, look for trade-in plans and deals for new customers to save a little money.

Safe Ways Intro Dog To Other Pets

Lastly, make sure you introduce your new dog into the family in a way that is safe and non-disruptive. One option is to have them on a leash when they meet your other animals. Let your dog sniff around and explore their new home before they meet other pets. Monitor all interactions with an eye to body language

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