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Get Cat Come Home at Night

How to Get Your Cat to Come Home at Night: 7 Expert Tips

Cats are home-bound creatures. They love being home with cuddles, snoozes, and treats. However, they also love exploring the outdoors. Like Persian cats, will find sneaking out the door any chance they get, especially at night. You want your cats to go out and explore the environment. It enriches their lives because even cats do not like being inside all day. However, this does not diminish going outside, especially at night, poses risks for your cats. Also, they are at risk of getting lost at night. That is heartbreaking because who wants their cat to be lost, especially in the dark, when finding them is hard? But do not worry; if you let your cat go outside in the dark, just arm yourself with the knowledge that can help you bring the cat home at night. What are these tricks and tactics? Well, the blog discusses the same below. 

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Increase their outdoor time gradually

One of the best ways to get your cats home at a reasonable time is to make this transition gradually. You want them to have a consistent schedule, and it will take time for them to get used to it. Here are some tips:

  • Start slow. Give them 10–15 minutes of outside time initially. They are cautious creatures; once they get used to the environment, you can increase their outside time. It is a simple approach, but it ensures cats are confident going outside and will come back home easily.
  • Ensure the area you choose for your cat’s nighttime roaming is safe. It should be enclosed and safe, and make sure there are no toxins, outdoor plants, or any other sharp objects.
  • Do not let your cats go outside unattended. Let them roam and explore the outdoors, but keep a close eye on them.
  • Having a cat flap is a good idea, especially if your cat likes to go in and out as it pleases.
  • When the cat returns home on time, it is a good idea to reward them, as it reinforces positive behavior in them. A treat or a reward will help them so much. 

Feed them a routine every night.

Everyone knows that cats thrive on routine. So, if you feed them on time, they will come back home on time for their dinner. Keep these things in mind:

  • Have a routine; feed them every day at the same time. If they know when to expect food and it is there, they will never be late coming home at night.
  • Create a comfortable and cozy dining nook for them. Something quite relaxing so they can enjoy their food without distractions.
  • Keep your food pantry locked. If you keep food outside all day, it will lead to overeating and an increase in weight gain. Also, this can change their meal times, and they will miss coming back home.

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Install a microchip in your cat. 

If your cat ventures outside a lot, getting them fitted with a collar or microchip is a great idea. Any of these can help you find your cat easily if they do get lost. With microchipping, you can let your kid venture outside without worrying. Your vet can fix a microchip in your cat with ease and no pain, so go talk to your vet today.

Maintain a schedule.

Having a schedule and building a routine for your cat is necessary. It will ensure they come back to you at night without any trouble. A schedule can look like this:


  • After waking up, get your cat outside for 10–15 minutes.
  • Feed them and play with them.
  • Let them come inside. Close the doors and windows to keep them inside.


  • If they have lunch, ensure you give it to them on time. They also earned a treat.
  • Play with them for some time. 


  • Let them go outside before dinner for some time.
  • Ensure they come back inside for dinner.
  • Feed them dinner, and if they are good about coming inside, treat them too.
  • Play with them to get rid of the energy, and it’s time for their sleep. 


Persian and other cats usually do not go far away at night, and they do come back. But if they do, these tips above will help you ensure they come back safe and sound. Moreover, it is essential that you first check the environment before sending your cat out. Ensure the environment is cat-friendly, with enough plants, safe spaces, and bushes. It should have enough safe spaces so that if there is a predator, they can hide, or if the weather is bad, they can take shelter. If you do not feel the environment is safe, do not let them go out.

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