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Happy Healthy Cat Month

Cuddly Cat right pet for senior ladySeptember is National Happy, Healthy Cat Month. The best way to celebrate this month is to make sure that your feline friend is as healthy and happy as possible. Fortunately, cats are easily contented.  A healthy cat is the result of hefty care and attention but it is well worth it. Happy, Healthy Cat Month should really be all year. But, let’s take this time to let everyone know what they can do for their fuzzy friends.

Happy cats are healthy. Don’t wait for your cat to be sick before you go to the vet. Cats are secretive about their pain. Take Kitty to the vet for preventive treatments and check-ups. Keep creepy-crawlies from consuming cute Kitties! Even indoor cats can have trouble with fleas and ticks. Learn about helpful prevention means. Is money a concern? Health insurance for pets is available. 

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You will have no problems getting your cat to eat, especially if the meat is on the menu. Cats need their diet to be  high in protein and low in carbs. Your feline friend  is an obligate carnivore. This means she  needs meat. Your cat’s food must list some variety  of meat as the number one  ingredient. There should not be any fillers, artificial colors,  or additives in your cat’s food. Every cat has a unique nutritional need. Ask your veterinarian about what would be best.


Don’t overdo it, though! Many cat owners make this dangerous mistake. They express love with food  and give their beloved  pet more food than what’s healthy. Certainly, Kitty happily  eats it. The unfortunate result is a flabby  little tabby with a high risk of diabetes,  arthritis, and cancer. Make sure that your cat is getting an ample amount of exercise as well.

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As all pet lovers know, the best way to keep  your cat happy is just to let her have fun. Provide  her with scratching posts and climbing trees. That way,  she can have her fun without destroying your belongings. Join in with the playtime.  Show her affection. Let  her have toys that she can stalk as she would prey.

Do you want to know to learn more ways to help your cat stay healthy and happy? Just take a look at this infographic. Happy Healthy Cat Month Infographic

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