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5 Ways to Get Your Home Ready for  Rescue Cat

Over the years, there’s been an increase in awareness of the importance of pet adoption. Adopting a rescue is a very humane thing to do. However, when you decide to take that step and finally find the right shelter cat for you, you need to prepare yourself (and your home) for such a noble task. You want your new furry friend to feel more comfortable when they arrive. So, check out these five ways to prepare your home for a rescue cat.

1 Prepare a safe zone

Cat looking out under blanket
It’s important to help your rescue cat eliminate fear and anxiety before you gain their trust



Cats are often looked at as strong Egyptian deities, but behind that facade can be a fragile little being. Therefore, when you welcome a new cat into your house, it is of the utmost importance to prepare a “safe zone” for them. The ideal “safe zone” is a small room with a minimum number of things in it. Things you need to include in it are:

  • their own litter box
  • at least two toys
  • bedding
  • a place to hide (any old box will do the trick)
  • lots of water

This area will serve as your new pet’s domain for the first week or two. They have to become comfortable in your house before you can gain their trust so they would let down their guard and relax. Keep in mind that you don’t know precisely what sort of environment your rescued cat comes from, so it is essential to be patient with them. Eventually, they will feel like they have found a place they can call their own.

2 Prepare the food that fits Rescue Cat

Rescue A cat being served delicacies

It might be a better idea to leave delicacies for later.

Even though your first instinct might be to bring the new member of your family a five-star restaurant-worthy dish to compensate for the past injustice, it might not be the best idea. All the animals value their habits, so you might want to let them adapt for a bit. Inquire at the local shelter about the kind of food used to feed the cats there, and think about purchasing a bag or two for the first two weeks. After they become comfortable in your home, you can bring in more tasty or colorful treats.

Help rescue cat adapt to new surroundings

Yes, the place you live in is always your home, but your cat is in the process of moving. So, according to professional movers, the process can be simple and painless if you can preserve anything familiar for your new cat, such as their favorite treat. It will make things way easier for them while they acclimate to the new environment. This is the most crucial thing to remember since everything will change for them. Once they have adjusted to their new environment, you are free to feed them anything you choose to be the best diet for them.

3 Give them something to scratchCat using scratching post

When you bring a new cat into your house, you must learn to cater to its specific requirements. As soon as you bring the newly rescued cat into your home, they will begin hunting for ways to wear down their claws. Scratching can be a way for cats to release tension and stress. And since the whole breaking the habit will be stressful for them, you can expect a lot of scratching. To prevent your furniture from being an attractive option for them to scratch on, make sure to provide several scratching posts and pads around your home. Try putting some catnip on the scratching post or pad, or hanging a cat toy from it, if your recently acquired cat isn’t warming up to the scratching places. This will make them more appealing to your cat.

4 Hide the valuables from Rescue Cat


It is common knowledge that cats like exciting new experiences. So, you should be ready to play host to a furry adventurer as soon as you bring them home. Unfortunately, some of those adventures may include looking for a ghost in your favorite vase. So, you might want to take special care to prepare your home for a rescue cat. Put away your breakable items along your home’s mantles, shelves, and cupboards. Even if you don’t believe they can get there, you can put your faith in the fact that they will figure out a way to get there! After all, a curious cat will investigate any and all areas of a house.

5 Prepare other pets for a frienddog rescue cat eating together

The thing about adopting a rescue is – it can be addictive. Once you feel the love multiplying for your pets, you always want more. That means – you likely have a lot of other pets. But getting used to sharing a living space might take some time, so be sure to give your rescued cat some time to get comfortable with your other animals before releasing them into a shared space. Introducing a new cat may lead your other animals to act dominant since it will disrupt the established order of things in your house.

Nonetheless, cats can live peacefully with most other animals, including birds and bunnies. Just make sure to introduce them all at their own pace and level of comfort. Also, it might be good to train your cat to behave calmly around your dogs.

Why is it so important to prepare your home for a rescue cat?

Getting a rescue cat into an unprepared home is a rookie mistake. Why is that? It might not be a big deal for you, but a change in environment and habits can significantly impact an animal. So, if you don’t want to struggle with the crash of personalities and lifestyles that might occur, you should prepare your home for a rescue cat. Less drama, less broken valuables, and more peaceful new days to sail into with your new friend. Overall, it will be an unforgettable experience


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