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How Long is it Okay to Leave a Cat Alone?

The holiday season is here!

 How Long is it Okay to Leave Cat Alone?

With the holiday season here you are considering a trip to visit family and friends. However, it’s not practical to take your cats with you. Okay to leave cats alone or what’s a better option?

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While it may seem like your cat hardly notices when you leave, they do. Cats are incredibly perceptive and the way they “attach” to people isn’t always obvious. Some cats are more social than others, and some are far more attached to their owners. Then other cats are prone to anxiety, hunger strikes, and other negative behaviors.

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The Official, vet-approved answer is, that you should never leave your cat home alone for more than 24 hours without having someone check on them. This ensures cats get a little interaction and that they haven’t come down with a sudden illness or injury themselves.

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Worried about work? You’re probably fine. Most cats are okay with being home alone for 8-12 hours except for Kittens younger than 4 months. Kittens less than 4 months be good someone checks in on them within 4 -5 hours.

Professional Cat Sitters – Practical Solution

The good news is cat sitters aren’t prohibitively expensive! If you’re hiring one, Vetta Pet Care Vets recommends having them come twice a day while you’re gone, or once a day at least. Be sure your sitter plans to spend 30 minutes or more playing with your cat in addition to feeding them and changing their litter.

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Professional Cat Sitters Warrensburg  -Knob Noster- Highly Skilled and Reliable

Pampered Pet Sitting is happy to cover your weekend getaway. For a short weekend could be just one visit 2nd day. Your cats receive loving care from true professional sitters, like Jill & Jay Pattiz, who have been Professional Pet Sitters for over 26 years. You will receive peace of mind knowing your cats are receiving care from a highly skilled and responsible pet sitter.  

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