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Joy of Pets Guide

The joy of pets: how animal companionship can impact our health and wellbeing

BringingYoung girl with pet rabbit a furry friend into your home is like introducing a new family member. Pets can offer companionship and loyalty to everyone in the household. Even support the development of younger members of the family. Pets of all different shapes and sizes also benefit pet parents’ mental and physical health.

The Joy of Pets GuideLady child with pet backyard

In the Joy of Pets guide, by Compare the market, the survey revealed that 85% of pet owners agreed that animal companions help to reduce loneliness. Dogs remain the most popular pet across the country. Canines found  69 million U.S. homes. ats and other small creatures can provide similar benefits, Their presence alone is enough to help improve our mental well-being. In fact, 94% of pet owners admitted that simply having a pet in their lives made them happy.

Pet Companionship

Ownership of a pet is a huge responsibility, and the decision should never be taken lightly. The vast benefits speak for themselves. Find out if a pet is right for you.  Find out more about the importance of pet companionship.  Read the full guide here.

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Harriet Keeper is a pet owner and mom of two. She enjoys spending time outside with her family. Often finds herself struggling to train her dog to do agility.  She loves spending time outdoors and trying new things with her loved ones.

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