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Tips for Living Happily With Your Senior Pet

As our pets get older, we sometimes have to make special accommodations to help them stay as healthy and comfortable as we can. Along with proper nutrition and adequate exercise, our companions may need extra care and attention to prevent diseases and injuries. So here are some tips from Pampered Pet Sitting to keep our four-legged friends around for many years to come:

Declutter Your Home for Senior PetSenior Pet Dog with glasses

As they get older, dogs start suffering from hearing and vision loss, which can make it difficult for them to find their way around the house. To help senior pets navigate their surroundings, get into the habit of removing any obstacles such as shoes, backpacks, and other items that could stand in their way, and try to keep a clear path from their bed to their food and water bowl.

If your dog is used to playing in the yard, pay special attention to garden tools or other objects they could trip on or hurt themselves with as they run about. Some dogs develop arthritis in their later years and start having a hard time getting up, walking around, and going up and down flights of stairs, so make sure their bed, blankets, and toys are all kept on the main level of your house. That way, they won’t have a reason to take the stairs and potentially hurt themselves as they trip or fall down.

Purify Your Surroundings for Senior Petwinter grooming

If your cat or dog suffers from allergies, cleaning your rugs, carpets, drapes, bedding, sofas and any soft surfaces to reduce house dust mites, mold spores, pollens, and other allergens will help relieve itchiness, sneezing, and coughing along with other symptoms caused by an allergic reaction. Bathe your pets and brush their fur regularly to help remove allergens stuck on their coats and their paws.

If possible, remove drapes and carpets that trap allergens and consider installing blinds, shutters, and hard flooring instead. You can add some plants around the house to purify the air as well, but be aware that many types of common houseplants can be toxic or poisonous to pets if they are ingested. So if you want to add pet-friendly, air-purifying plants to your house, avoid aloe vera, lilies, and sago palms. Instead, opt for spider plants, ferns, and bamboo. All this doesn’t mean your pet can’t go outdoors, though. You just have to be cautious. In fact, cat-lovers might want to invest in a special, highly adorable backpack that will allow you to take your feline companion with you when you go out for hikes or to run errands.

Schedule Regular CheckupsCat Disabled held by Vet Tech

It’s easy to miss age-related symptoms in pets, which is why scheduling regular checkups at the vet are so important. Your veterinarian will establish a baseline of what’s normal for your cat or dog, making it easier to notice any abnormal changes and possibly prevent diseases such as diabetes and even cancer. Your vet can also give you tips on how to keep your pet at a healthy weight through proper nutrition and exercise, based on your animal’s size and breed.

Dental health is also extremely important when caring for a pet; even if you brush their teeth regularly, as your pets get older, professional dental cleaning may be necessary to prevent oral pain that can lead to poor eating. And when it comes to food, choose an age-appropriate diet for your companion as nutritional needs change during their lifetime. Opt for high-quality, complete, and balanced pet food to help them maintain a healthy weight even when their activity level slows down. Our loyal companions deserve the best care as they age. A few changes around the house, a healthy diet, and a caring veterinarian will help your pet live a long and happy life alongside you and your family.

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