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Pamper Your Pet

How You Can Pamper Your Pet

Why do our pets need to be pampered? Dogs have been man’s best friend for at least 15,000 years, and our kitty companions have been by our sides since the time of the pharaohs. We, humans, have an undeniable love affair with our animals, but we don’t always know how to show it in a way they understand. Fortunately, our pets are not that hard to please – especially with these tips from Pampered Pet Sitting.

Bond with Your Pet
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The first step toward giving your pet the life they deserve is to establish a strong bond with them. Dogs like positive reinforcement, choices, and predictable mealtimes. Cats are a little less hands-on, and it’s usually best to give them their space and wait for them to come to you. Regardless of whether you initiate your relationship or wait for them to come around, there are a few things you can do to keep yourself out of the doghouse.

Feed Your  Pet well Cat eating with med mix into food

In the wild, cats and dogs hunt for their food. They don’t have that luxury – or burden – in a domestic environment. But that does not mean that you can just pour anything into their bowl and meet their nutritional needs. Feed your pet a diet that’s complete and balanced, like these dry dog foods.

Alkaline foods, for example, are an excellent option for dogs, who benefit from both meat and simple complex carbohydrates. Cats need a similar balance, and animal protein is an important part of their diets as well. Reader’s Digest notes, however, that their needs vary by age, and your veterinarian can help you better understand their dining habits from kitten-hood on.

Quality ingredients also apply when it comes to treats like jerky, biscuits, or anything freeze-dried. Products with limited ingredients may cost more, but they ensure your pet is getting the best treatment for its overall health!

Let them stay close – with boundaries.

Cats typically don’t mind being left alone. Dogs are another story. Many pups present with separation anxiety that never fully goes away into adulthood. If you realize that you have a clingy canine, try to keep them close when you can. If you work from home, however, you may have to establish some boundaries for both your safety and your dog’s. Your pup may never want to leave your side, but a pet barrier in the door may be necessary to get some separation. If you decide to let your dog into your work area, make sure you keep things safe and secure by keeping electrical and telephone cords out of their reach. Also, remember that whatever stress you’re feeling can easily rub off on your pet!

Give Your Pet a daybreak.

When you only have one dog, something they can’t tell you is that they crave the companionship of other canines. If you don’t have time to take them to the local dog park, do plan to send them to day camp at least a few times each month. You can also treat them to some professional grooming. Find out more about grooming and a ton of other information and product reviews from veterinarians and animal professionals by going online and doing a little research.

Prioritize veterinary carePosh Pet White & Charcoal Cat Exam By lady Vet

Your pet might not consider their annual rabies shot a form of pampering but, just like humans, all animals need routine medical care. Dogs and cats alike are conditioned to hide pain, so they may be suffering without your knowledge. A yearly visit to the veterinarian can help keep them healthy, which will help ensure you can be together for many years to come.

Take Pets on a getaway.Pet Safe? Dog in lady lap

Do you and your pet need a break from the daily grind? If so, look into the many different pet-oriented vacations you can take. suggests activities like camping (which you can easily turn into a glamping expedition) or a road trip. You can also plan a relaxing staycation by renting a pet-friendly vacation rental property. This way, you can take in the local sights with your pet while staying in a luxury home.

One way to make them feel at home while traveling is to bring along their bed or couch. The familiar object and scents will comfort them as you’re out and about. If you have yet to purchase a comfy bed for your pooch, be sure to read online reviews, and if your pup is still growing you’ll want to buy one that they can grow into.

Pets are Family

Our pets deserve the best we can give. And because you love them, you owe it to yourself to keep them healthy and happy for the long haul. After all, they are family.

Pampered Pet Sitting is the perfect service for pups and fluffy felines who deserve the absolute best pampering and playtime. Give us a call today for more info! 660-747-3554.

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