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Professional Pet Services

Professional Pet Services When You are away for

  • Vacations

  • Business trips

  • Day trips

  • Events

  • Medical Treatments

  • Emergencies

Peace of Mind

Hate to leave your pets when you need to getaway. It’s a common problem but we will provide you with peace of mind.  Furthermore, we will stay in touch so you know your pets are receiving tender loving care. Also, our Pet Sitters are  reliable, dedicated, and knowledgeable  CLICK Learn the  roots of Warrensburg Area  Pet Sitters

Pet Sitting Services   

Pet Sitter cat lap pet dog                      

In-Home Pet Sitting 

Pet Sitting services are a perfect way to provide pet care. Because they need and crave Loving care, most pets do better in their own home                                                    Pet parent kids and rabbit
1 pet, 1/visit Starts at $19.00 

*Contact us for multiple visits, also Special Needs, Large Dogs, added  pets, not in Warrensburg City Limits

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Cat Care Services                                                                                            
One cat, 1/ day Starts at $19.00 

Contact us for multiple daily visits, also any Special Needs added pets, but not in Warrensburg Covid-19 Cat Care

Cat Pet Sitting Service

Cats love our pet-sitting service because get to stay in their home.  Also, they enjoy receiving individual care filled with scratches, cuddles, and love, complete with playtime, fresh food, and water.  We will also clean and scoop the litter pans.

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Pet Exercising                                                                                        
1 pet, 1/day Starts at $19.00  *Contact us for multiple visits, Large Dogs also added pets,  not in Warrensburg City limits

Playtime Service

Because we know some dogs would rather spend some time playing ball, or a good game of tug-of-war than going for a walk. Furthermore, we haven’t forgotten about cats! They need their exercise as well and are sure to love our fun, interactive toys to get them pouncing around! Interested in Pet Exercising? Contact Us 

 Exotic Small Animal Care
One pet, 1/day  Starts at $19.00                             Jill Skipper Bird
*Contact us for multiple visits, also Special Needs, added pets, but not in Warrensburg City limits

Whether it’s birds, lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, fish, or other companion animals, they all desire loving care and attention.  Our pet sitters are trained to care for all types of animals. Furthermore, we provide them with fresh food and water, bedding, and all-around care that they need. Interested in Exotic & Small Animal Care? Contact Us!

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