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Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting Best and Healthiest Way

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Pet Sitting is the best and healthiest way to have your pets looked after when you travel. When going out of town your pets stay in the comfort of their own home. Offered for cats, birds, most domestic animals, and dogs. Learn About Pet Sitters

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Vacations, day trips, or being away on business are all things that make us unable to care for our pets. Our Pet Sitting services are a perfect way to provide your pets with the loving care that they need and crave. You will receive the peace of mind you desire knowing that your furry loved ones are receiving tender loving care from our dedicated and knowledgeable professional pet sitters. Contact Us

Small Animal Pet Sitting

Pet sitters, we don’t stop at dogs and cats! We provide affectionate care for rabbits, ferrets, birds, and many other small animals. We are also happy to provide pet sitting for mixed households. Contact Us

Tender Loving Care

Whether it’s birds, lizards, guinea pigs, hamsters, or fish, we know all pets desire Pet Sitting Small Animal Petsloving care and attention while you’re away. Our pet sitters care for most types of animals, providing them with fresh food and water, bedding, and all-around loving care. Learn About Pet Sitters

Meeting You and Your Furry Friends Male Pet Sitter in Warrensburg on a bed loving up grey cat.

We will schedule your meet and greet to go over all your pet’s needs at this meeting. This is our opportunity to meet your pets and learn about their needs, routine, behavior, and health. This is your opportunity to get to know us, ask questions, and address any concerns. This way you are fully confident in leaving your pet in our care  At each visit, we make sure your pet has clean drinking water and feed them at their scheduled times.  We make sure your pets are going potty and eating and keeping their normal routine.  Your pets will do so much better being kept in their own environment with their usual surroundings.  Find out about the various ways our Pet Sitting service will be beneficial for you and your pets.




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