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Pets Halloween Safe & Affordable

We enjoy getting dressed up in costumes, eating candy, and getting to celebrate good times with friends. Our pets in costumes are just too cute to resist, our dogs make excellent trick-or-treating companions! Cat Halloween pumkin stay safe

Pet Halloween Anxiety

We have found that there are plenty of ways to celebrate with your pets, However, Halloween can pose risks to our furry friends. Good to plan to keep them safe! Your pet struggles with anxiety in unfamiliar surroundings when you are away, it may be best to leave them at home with a professional from Pampered Pet Sitting.

Halloween Pet-Friendly and Affordable

Select Your Pet Costumes Carefully

Dress your pets in costumes that are fun, but it’s important to be cautious. Take the extra time to make sure the costume fits your pet properly and that no pieces can be chewed off. Steer clear of masks and costumes that fit closely around your pet’s face as these can be hazardous and make your pet feel frightened. In general, avoid costumes that interfere with your pet’s movement, hearing, eyesight, and ability to eat.

Halloween Celebrations Affordable  Safe Pets Affordable Dog Halloween Hat

Whether for a dog or person, Halloween costumes are notoriously expensive. Save money on next year’s Halloween ensemble by taking advantage of a Black Friday promo code! You should be able to find some great deals on safe costumes for your whole family, pets included.

Supervise Your Pet Halloween

Even after taking great care to choose the right costume for your pet, never leave them unsupervised while they’re dressed up. Cannot get your pet into a costume? Do not force it! A Halloween-themed bandana is an excellent alternative. As My Golden Thimble explains, you can even make one yourself to save some bucks.

Choose Flameless Candles

Halloween fire safety is another important thing to think about if you have pets running around. Candles can easily get knocked over by wagging tails and curious paws, and flammable autumn décor like dried flowers and cornstalks can catch fire quickly. Choose flameless, battery-operated candles so you can enjoy the eerie ambiance without the risk. Looking for a cheaper alternative? Glow sticks look great inside jack-o-lanterns or strewn across a snack table at a Halloween party.

Safe Pets Halloween Black Cat

Keep Pets Safe

Candles are not the only piece of Halloween décor that pose a danger to pets. If chewed or swallowed, many Halloween decorations can harm your furry friends or wreak havoc in their intestines. Some outdoor decorations, like fake spider webbing, can even pose a danger to wildlife!

Make Your Own Decorations

Skip the risk and save yourself the expense by making your own Halloween decorations. You can craft all kinds of fun decorations with pet-safe materials like fabric, felt, and paper. If you do want to splurge on some store-bought pieces, steer clear of decorations that are electrical or animated which can frighten pets. Decorative pillows, throws, and signs are good options.

Safe Halloween Pet Toys

You could even get your pet some Halloween-themed toys! Steer clear of decorations that are electrical or animated which can frighten pets. Decorative pillows, throws, and signs are good options. You could even get your pet some Halloween-themed toys!

Safe Inside HomeBrush contraol Dog Shedding

However, fireworks, doorbells, and people walking around in scary costumes can really frighten your pets. Anything could spook your little furball and cause them to run for the hills. Keep your pet inside and have them stay in a separate room when you’re opening the door to trick-or-treaters.

Microchip Your Pet

Furthermore, it is a good idea to have your pet microchipped just in case they decide to bolt. According to The Nest, microchipping is fairly affordable and is well worth the peace of mind it provides. Regardless of whether your pet is microchipped, keep them leashed if you take them trick-or-treating!

Safe Fun Affordable Halloween

Your pets will best enjoy Halloween in small doses. Try not to overwhelm them with too much stuff and excitement. Instead of dragging your dog to your Halloween events, leave them at home in a low-stress environment. Contact Pampered Pet Sitting to book professional pet sitting services today! Call 660-747-3554 to get started.