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Easy Litter Box Solution Service

                Get Rid Of  Nasty Chore

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Unable to clean for your cat? Tired of the menacing litterbox chore? Let our Easy Litter Box Solution take care of you and your cats!

Easy Litter Box Solution is perfect for:

  • Someone who’s unable to clean a box properly due to injury or health issues
  • Pregnant women who may be in danger of contracting toxoplasmosis
  • Seniors and others for whom cleaning a litter box has become an unpleasant task
  • People who are too busy and have no time to clean a litter box effectively
  • Cat lovers who are plain sick and tired of this disgusting choreLitter box service blue box orange cat

What does our astoundingly Easy Litter Box Solution include?

For homes with one cat with one litter pan, we service the pan once a week.  At the scheduled time, we remove the waste in your litter pan and take both the litter and the entire pan with us. We leave you a clean new litter pan with fresh litter.

 No need for you to scoop or clean. The following week we return with a new litter pan that been thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and includes fresh new litter. This service may be scheduled on a recurring or as-needed basis.  Learn About Pet Sitters

If your household has more than one cat, or more than one litter pan, or once a week doesn’t work with your schedule, we have other options available.

Cat Litter Box-Hide Litter Boxes

Another option is our twice-a-week service. On the first visit, we thoroughly scoop the litter boxes and clean the area nearby. On the second visit, we bring over a new litter pan with fresh litter and take your dirty litter pan with us.

Schedule service dates that work best for you. For example scoop and clean on Monday, and change litter on Thursday. One of our options could be a sure-fire solution to your litter box problem. Contact Us  Added Benefit: our Cat Sitters would be delighted to chat with you and provide cat care tips.

What’s the Cost of Easy Litter Box Solution Service?

Since we provide this specialty service in your home, the cost depends on a few factors, like your location, the number of cats, and the number of litter pans.

Example #1: Warrensburg City Limits 1 cat 1 litter pan, once a week complete clean $16/week 

Example #2: Warrensburg City Limits 1 cat 1 litter pan, twice a week service, scoop 1 day, change litter pan and litter $24/week. Cat Litter Box small blue

If your household has more than 1 cat or more than 1 litter pan, or if you’re located outside Warrensburg City Limits, please contact us for additional information and a cost estimate. 

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