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Cats at Home Pet Sitters

Our Story

Because of being avid cat lovers, Jay & Jill Pattiz were faced with the dilemma of what to do with their cats when they traveled. Besides, they were uneasy about boarding their cats. Most importantly Jay & Jill realized that there was a dire need for in-home pet-sitting services in their community. On May 1, 1997, after nearly 21 years in the corporate world, they turned their immense love of animals into a business.

Jay & Jill’s business, Pampered Pet Sitting, began in West Central Missouri 27 years ago on May 1, 1997. Since the company’s start, cat and small animal pet sitting have been a major part of their business. Their main priority is to provide high-quality services for you and tender loving care for your pets.

Cats At Home Pet Sitting Established

Seeing the need for a pet-sitting service whose specialty is cats, they formed Cats at Home Pet Sitting in 2016. Jay & Jill Pattiz, owners of Pampered Pet Sitting for 27 years, collaborated with Kathleen of Arcadia Pet Care, to bring specialized cat sitting to the Kansas City area and West Central Missouri. 

The secret to our success

Our Team of Highly Skilled Experienced Pet Sitters


JAY PATTIZ  Pet Sitting playing with catsVeteran Cat Sitter and Pet Sitting Entrepreneur 

Jay founded Cats at Home Pet Sitting after successfully growing a pet-sitting service. Furthermore, after caring for the client’s cats and other pets for over 21 years, he saw the need to develop pet-sitting services that specialized in cats.

Jay’s Credentials Include:

Jay is personally committed to Cats at Home Pet Sitting maintaining the highest possible standard of care. We are a team, dedicated to the health and well-being of all cats.


Jill Pet Sitter Office Chase Cornish Rex cat

Jill along with her husband Jay have had cats most of their life.  They have a strong passion for cats. Furthermore, they share their home with 4 cats (Althea, Gino, Maggie, and Morgan) and a Senegal Parrot Zazu. Jill draws on her extensive knowledge to provide clients’ cats high level of quality care.

Jill’s Credentials Include:

Kathleen Pet Sitter

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Kathleen grew up in the Kansas City area. Pet’s parents report she is very thorough in her care. Furthermore, they are impressed that Kathleen carefully monitors their cat’s behavior and health. She was a paralegal for 26 years before pet sitting. Kathleen shares her home with her cat Tiny.

Kathleen’s Credentials Include:

Kim Pet Sitter

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Kim is a huge cat lover and active in pet rescue  She helps support cat advocates and pet rescue groups by feeding stray and feral cats. She shares her home with her husband Ken, their son Wyatt and 2 cats (Ember, and Indy) 

Kim’s Credentials Include:

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